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The Buddy System (Week 3)

Taquitos, barbeque weenies, and chips and salsa were planned for dinner tonight. Yum! After enjoying each other’s presence over dinner we briefly looked at what scripture had to say about patience, anger, trust, and got to hear Rachel’s testimony. Someday I’ll post it – it’s an amazing story!!

We then learned that the same day Rachel had been taken to a mental hospital (like I said – it’s a great story!), the brother of another girl present was taken to rehab. These two people live across the street from each other, were involved in similar troubles, and went to get help on the same day! Things like that don’t just happen! So we all wrote encouragement letters to him on notecards and prayed for him, even though several people had never met him! I’m sure he’ll be so excited to read them all!

We then were brainstorming and thought up an interesting way to serve some of the people around our town. How awesome would it be to have a line of cars drive up to a person who sells newspapers every Sunday and each car buy a newspaper and offer them something like food or a drink or a jacket or a prayer?? Wicked sweet awesome! I think we’re gonna do that next week.

Lastly, we devised a buddy system. Two names would be drawn at random (or three if there was an odd number) and those people would be supposed to encourage each other throughout the week, pray for each other, and go to lunch. I think it’ll be a great way to get to know people.

God has some awesome plans and already this year He’s come through so many times! Our numbers have grown (19 this week), our worship has become more intimate, and a community is forming that I never thought I would see! Wows!!


Come Pray…well… sorta.

A few friends and I have gotten into the habit of randomly calling each other and asking if that person (or group of people) would like to go to a park or a house and pray. It’s odd, because I’ve never done anything like spontaneous prayer until this year, but it’s just a fantastic way to meet in the name of Jesus.

Last night as three friends and I gathered to go to a park and pray we began discussing God’s grace and how it worked into the Law of the Old Testament. We eventually moved on and shared our thoughts and read scripture on topics as clear as God’s grace and as vague as demonic forces. Pretty soon it was two hours later and we had never left the house to go pray!

Even without our original mission being completed, the four of us grew immensely together. Even though some of us were experienced Christians and some were relatively new, every person benefited spiritually. Not only were we all blessed with greater understanding of God and his characteristics, but we bonded extremely well, securing our friendships and defining them by God’s glory.

Spontaneous prayer – try it sometime!

The Church (Week 2)

We met on a Friday this week because many people had already made plans for Sunday. Our numbers doubled too! Eighteen people all gathered to worship the Lord and have fellowship – what a wonderful event! Machenzee offered up her home once again and cooked the wonderful dinner of Cajun chicken pasta, salad, garlic bread, and brownies! It was just splendid!

We worshiped for several solid minutes, voices loud and hearts open. It’s often uncommon to have people singing loud, finding melodies, and harmonizing, but all those were present. We actually sounded pretty good!

After a quick prayer I began our quick study on the first church in Acts (2:42-47, 4:32-35). We discussed the importance and influence of the church, how they treated one another, their joy, the seriousness in which they met, their heavy reliance on prayer. It was magnificent! I stressed that our gathering wasn’t something to make us feel good become better people, but that it was to grow spiritually and give God glory.

Greater things are still to be done in this city – Chris Tomlin

The Beginning (Week 1)

I was positive that God had MAJOR plans for this year, He had been stirring me all summer, but I had no idea that this wasn’t just between me and my close friends. Turns out, God was instigating relationships, urging followers, changing hearts, and revealing himself all over the place. It’s one thing to find a couple people who are really in tune with the spirit and want to see God’s will carried out in a major way – it’s completely different when thirty people all share nearly the exact same vision for the same school!

Our divinely-planned community all started with a simple Facebook message aimed at getting the believers at Coronado Highschool talking. I wish I could take the credit, but this wonderful girl beat me to it! Through extreme excitement that God was connecting us we all planned to meet together at 7:30 Sunday, September 11th. Tonight.

Pizza, fellowship, discussion, and prayer dominated the meeting, each of us just in awe of simply our willingness to gather in order to discuss God’s glory revealed to our school. It was insanely awesome. We partly organized our school’s See You at the Pole and prayed feverishly for guidance, boldness, and unity. This is what the church is supposed to be about.

Follow this blog, a testament to God’s love, peace, joy, glory, and ability to overcome one of the most sin-filled environments: highschool.

Father, let Heaven and Earth Collide

In the endless wonder of Your love upon the cross. – Hillsong United