The Buddy System (Week 3)

Taquitos, barbeque weenies, and chips and salsa were planned for dinner tonight. Yum! After enjoying each other’s presence over dinner we briefly looked at what scripture had to say about patience, anger, trust, and got to hear Rachel’s testimony. Someday I’ll post it – it’s an amazing story!!

We then learned that the same day Rachel had been taken to a mental hospital (like I said – it’s a great story!), the brother of another girl present was taken to rehab. These two people live across the street from each other, were involved in similar troubles, and went to get help on the same day! Things like that don’t just happen! So we all wrote encouragement letters to him on notecards and prayed for him, even though several people had never met him! I’m sure he’ll be so excited to read them all!

We then were brainstorming and thought up an interesting way to serve some of the people around our town. How awesome would it be to have a line of cars drive up to a person who sells newspapers every Sunday and each car buy a newspaper and offer them something like food or a drink or a jacket or a prayer?? Wicked sweet awesome! I think we’re gonna do that next week.

Lastly, we devised a buddy system. Two names would be drawn at random (or three if there was an odd number) and those people would be supposed to encourage each other throughout the week, pray for each other, and go to lunch. I think it’ll be a great way to get to know people.

God has some awesome plans and already this year He’s come through so many times! Our numbers have grown (19 this week), our worship has become more intimate, and a community is forming that I never thought I would see! Wows!!


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