God is not Small (Week 4)

This evening, 24 people in the name of Jesus gathered to have fellowship, worship, and glorify God in immense ways. Christian, a real servant, arrived much earlier than everyone else to grill sausage, chicken, hamburgers, steak, and pork chops, allowing for an intensely big and filling meal! Woo!

After indulging in conversation we began to worship. I told everyone to take 30 seconds to thank God for our gathering and to prepare their hearts for tonight. We sang three powerful songs, each person actually singing! We had some issues with insecurities while singing in the past, but tonight everyone was more excited to worship. It was weird: I was having trouble hitting the high notes all week, but when it came time to belt them out I had no problem whatsoever! It was definitely the Holy Spirit giving me a little boost. My confidence encouraged the others to sing loudly and with much of that insecurity out of the way we were able to sing to God more fully and excitedly.

I should really start adding pictures...

Machenzee’s lesson was more of a discussion topic. She played a video of an atheist talking about how a Christian talked with him for a few minutes and ended up giving him a Bible. He was surprised because it seemed like the Christian actually cared about him. He kept mentioning how the Christian was very encouraging, how he looked at his eyes like he legitimately cared, and how his general demeanor was joyful.

He then began to wonder how much you have to hate a person not to tell them the Gospel. He related it to someone being hit by a truck: how could you sit there, knowing a truck was on its way, and not do everything possible to move the person. Though he’s still an atheist, he had some good wisdom.

Wow long post…

We then began discussing how big God is, and how dumb we are to think He won’t come through if we trust Him – He created the universe for goodness sakes! We touched on fear, insecurity, and finally decided that God is so good, we should be terribly excited to be in His presence all the time. Hunter then proceeded to lead us in the song ‘Undignified’ and Rachel screamed every word at the top of her lungs. It was good – 2.5 hours well spent!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: God has massive plans for Coronado!


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