Beware of Christians

A few of my fellow believers from Coronado and I were planning on going to the corn maze this Saturday evening, but it seems God had other plans. We ended up back at Ellen’s house, after eating pizza, baking cookies, and playing ping pong, watching a very inspiring documentary: Beware of Christians

It’s basically about four college students who decide to give up on Christianity as a religion and pursue Jesus the way it was meant to be by traveling to Europe and examining everything they were told in America. Instead of Christianity being the norm, they were faced with all sorts of disbelief, immorality, and spiritual misconceptions, allowing them to look back at American Christianity without being right in the middle of it.

I think all five of us were inspired to take our Coronado Church to the next level of relationship with God.


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About Garrett Oden

Garrett Oden is a manager and trainer at Yellow House Coffee in Lubbock, Texas. When he's not slinging espresso, he's writing for CBG and beyond, dating his wife, and reading everything I can get my hands on.

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