Selling Newspapers (Week 8)

Tonight as a group we wanted to branch out and do something different. Felix (find out about him here and here) has been a sort of an inspiration to our Gospel community the last week, unknowingly teaching us about service and humility, so we thought we would have Bible study with him and help him sell newspapers.

What an adventure!

We danced, we sang, we begged, we fell on the ground and pretended to die – all in the name of Jesus! Felix was so grateful: “Oh man you guys! Man Jesus is good.” He’d never had twenty teens running around all four corners of the intersection pressuring defenseless drivers to purchase his newspapers before, and he was very excited about it! Over and over again he would thank God and Jesus out loud. It was great.

Felix... or Santa?

I was a tad worried that all our efforts hadn’t really been that fruitful as people started to leave for their homes before we had read any scripture or worshiped, but those fears were soon put to rest when only a couple of us remained. Felix kept telling us how amazed he was at how God was working in his life.

He knew he was gonna tithe some since God had been so good to him but he wasn’t exactly sure how much was good. After a little consideration he finally said:

Ahh! It’s only money. I’ll just give what I need to give. I don’t need to worry about that 10% stuff.

What a blessing serving Felix was tonight. I’m positive our presence not only encouraged Felix, but made an impact on the thousands of people that drove by, and softened all the hearts of those who helped out. God is good.


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