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Christmas Party! (Week 14)

So this evening instead of partaking in the normal Bible study agenda we just had a simple Christmas party. Food, games, candy canes, and laughter filled the evening. Though we never got into scripture (kinda wish we would have) we were able to build community and enjoy fellowship together.

Amazingly, I was never in any of the pictures!! Crazy…

On a random note: I found these awesome posters made for books of the Bible. Check them out!


Wisdom, Action, Revival (Week 13)

Hi there! It’s been a while! For three weeks I haven’t posted on here despite two meetings. I apologize.

Tonight was incredible. The nine of us worshiped for a bit and dived head first into scripture. I taught on Matthew 7:21-23 and Luke 14:25-35 (Look them up! They’re incredibly convicting!). We discussed the verses and how there are many Christians who don’t live like Jesus did. They probably think that they are on their way to Heaven, but they’re also probably that will call “Lord, Lord” and not be saved.

The passage in Luke was extremely convicting as well – read it! We discussed how our Gospel community was only a half-built tower: we definitely laid the foundation but we had a lot of height to cover, unanimously agreeing that Sunday nights cannot be the end to our journey. We all know that the mission is not to have a successful Bible study every week, but to spread the glory and love of God.

These two pictures were shown to me once and it completely ruined my perception of Christianity:

The booming church: the staple of American Christianity. This is what many people believe God came for: church!

The starving. How can the first picture make sense when looking at this one? Jesus came to serve, no to establish wealthy churches.

We were all so convicted and amazed at the differences between Jesus’ Christianity and America’s┬áChristianity. The two pictures next to each other just didn’t make any sense, only prayer did.

We prayed intensely for eight minutes about wisdom, action, and revival and came up with a couple ideas we could begin initiating to encourage one another and further progress the tower of our group. A lunch period devoted to prayer, random conversations about Jesus at school, and possibly an assembly aimed at sharing the Gospel through promoting causes were all proposed and discussed. Good things are coming – we can all feel it!

It’s really nice to know that these eight people are willing to do some crazy things to share the good news. It’s wonderful having people on the same page! I can’t wait for our gatherings before Christmas break and for the second semester as we go hardcore all the way.

Good night and God bless.