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Oops, Prayer Walk

You know those times when you think you’re forgetting something but you can’t remember what it is, despite it being right on the tip of your tongue? That’s how I’ve felt about this blog. I have completely forgotten to write what’s been happening the last few weeks! It really hasn’t been too exciting. We’ve gathered a couple of times, met some new Christians, and have continued our adventures at Coronado.

Tonight, instead of hosting Bible study I decided to visit my own church’s Sunday night activity. It always varies but tonight was something planned by no other than God himself. About fifty people from my youth group went to Coronado and did a prayer walk. It was almost like God slapping me so that I would look in His direction and understand that He’s still got many plans for this year and for the current students.

It gets a little discouraging when others don’t seem to put forth effort to make sure Bible study occurs (and I’m guilty of that also), but tonight I was reassured by the spirit that there is still work to be done, songs to be sung, joy to be expressed, tears to be cried, people to meet, flowers to grow, habits to reverse, prayers to be prayed, and glory to be given.


Time Will Tell

Nearly out of time.

With the Super Bowl once again spoiling serious plans to meet, this is the third Sunday we’ll go without Bible study. It’s a bit sad. With lots of trips out of town, prior engagements, and now the most-watched sporting event ever, we’ve had a rough time getting together. Partially ┬ábecause of other priorities, but also because of lack of coordination. Thursday morning Bible study is consistent, let by an adult who can host every week, but Sunday evenings are more of a voluntary thing.

I am starting to feel it’s imperative that we gather, the urgency. My high school career is about to end, along with many of my fellow believers. Plus, I’ve met several people in the last week who have recently dedicated their lives to the pursuit of God and would love to be a part of a community at school.

I still feel it that God isn’t gonna leave this year without something incredible, but I’m starting to realize that He wouldn’t need me or anyone I know. It could be something just totally unrelated to the efforts of myself and my fellow believers. Only time will tell – and there’s not a whole lot left.