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Updates Yeah!

Though I haven’t been posting consistently, many of us have been gathering regularly like we began. Some have found that they need to be elsewhere on Sunday evenings and others have found that they need to be with us. Either way, God has worked in strange ways in every attendee, past, present or future.

We’ve  started to get into some more deep studying of scripture. For example: Tonight we read Romans 8 and then went through and talked about everything that stuck out to us, anything that bothered or confused us, and how it all adds to the character of God. Studying this way has led me to many more Biblical accurate conclusions in the recent months. Instead of believing I understand everything in the Bible, taking a more humble and curious approach has allowed me to breach the boundaries I previously placed upon myself.

It’s been good. It’s been fun. And it’s been real fun. There’s only six weeks left of school till we seniors graduate – I wonder what God’s final plans are for us at Coronado.

Aha! I’ve also been discovering how amazing parkour can be. It’s fun, communal, and non-competitive. I’m currently wearing these new parkour shoes I got called Onitsuka Tigers that have awesome grip and are helping me train. You should look into parkour!